Coconut Crisp - Banana & Chia Seeds

Regular price HKD 35

Weight: 36 g

Only 5 all-natural ingredients:
banana, sesame seeds*, shredded coconut*, chia seeds*. maple syrup*, *organic

Inside every crispy bite is the goodness of simplicity and the delightful natural flavours of just 5 pure ingredients. Banana, a fruit that benefits both body and mind, brings natural sweetness and energy. Chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods on earth. Sesame seeds are extremely beneficial for our health in many ways, together with the minerals and vitamins of coconut complete this snack.

  • gently dehydrated
  • organic ingredients
  • no refined sugar
  • takes 2 days to make
  • gluten free ingredients
  • vegan
  • no added salt
  • no added oil
  • school lunch box friendly

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