Bliss Bites – Raw Cacao

Regular price HKD 35

Weight: 40 g

Only 5 all-natural ingredients:

pumpkin seeds*, coconut flakes*, flax seeds*, raw cacao powder*, maple syrup*. *organic

Chocolate makes everything better. At Nature’sTwist, we use chocolate in its purest form – raw cacao – to bring you the rich flavour that you love, but with all its natural goodness intact. Bliss Bites - Raw Cacao are a delightfully nutritious addition to your day. Its cacao flavour is sweetened with all-natural maple syrup and fortified with pumpkin seeds and flax seeds for a mighty dose of nutrition in a small package. Add to that the tell-tale crunchy sweetness of coconut flakes and you have a wonderful slice of Bliss that neither you nor your kids can resist… and that’s a good thing!

  • gently dehydrated
  • organic ingredients
  • no refined sugar
  • takes 2 days to make
  • gluten free ingredients
  • vegan
  • no added salt
  • no added oil
  • school lunch box friendly

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