Healthy. Delicious. Real. That is what good food should be. At Nature’sTwist, our snacks always are.

The story began when our founder, Catherine, was struggling with personal health issues while also trying to deal with her son’s food intolerances. Attempting to overhaul the family diet, she got a nasty surprise. Products marketed as natural, healthy and nutritious were full of unnecessary additives and nutrition-deficient ‘filler’ ingredients. They just weren’t real.

Catherine, an avid foodie, knew that there had to be a better way, a way to swap those cheap, generic ingredients with high-quality, nutrient-dense superfoods without sacrificing taste. This realization sent her onto a journey of experimentation in the kitchen. She created yummy snacks using 100% healthy and wholesome ingredients rich in nutrition. They were a hit, first with her kids and husband, then with anyone else who had a taste.

From nature and a mother's love, Nature'sTwist was born. We want to share our creation with more people. Not just kids, not just parents, but everyone hoping to live better by eating better.

Join us on our journey.

1. Nutrient-dense

Why snack on nutrition-deficient empty calories while you could be eating something that is both yummy and nutritious? That’s why we only put good stuff into our products so they are full of nutritious goodness. We use superfoods like chia and pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, coconut, kale and raw cacao so your body rejoices with every yummy bite.

2. Simple and 100% clean

Not a single additive, preservative, coloring or flavoring ever enters a Nature's Twist snack. No matter how delicious they are, they are simple - none contains more than 3 to 6 all-natural ingredients that will delight your taste buds, nourish your body and curve your lips into a smile.

3. Slow and gentle preparation

We gently dehydrate our snacks at low temperatures, a slow process that often takes up to two days to complete. Why? Because these methods have been proven to preserve both the nutrients and wholesome flavors of natural foods.

4. Fresh

Nature'sTwist is not a mega food factory; we are a small, close-knit operation dedicated to fresh, healthy food. Our snacks don’t spend months on dusty shelves - they are made fresh every week to reach your hands with all their nutrition intact.

5. Delicious!

Battles with our own picky little (and big!) eaters taught us that food cannot just be healthy and nutritious, it also has to be delicious. You do not have to compromise - every Nature'sTwist snack is the yummy result of many, many taste tests and many, many happy taste testers!

6. Sourced responsibly

At Nature’sTwist, we place unparalleled emphasis on our ingredients. We select suppliers who focus only on premium quality ingredients from around the world with high standard of choosing and auditing the farms they work with. All our ingredients are 100% natural. Wherever possible, we opt for food that is certified organic.

7. From our family to yours

Nature’sTwist started in a family kitchen much like your own. It was born out of a desire to give our kids the best possible start to their lives through the food they eat. You will find every snack we sell in our own homes, on our desks and in our kids’ lunch boxes. They adore Nature's Twist because of the yummy taste. We love it because we know that each mouthful makes them stronger and healthier.

Nature'sTwist is built on the belief that healthy, delicious, real food is everyone's right. We aspire to create some of the most healthy and delicious snacks in the world using only superfoods and nutritious ingredients. Let us join you on your journey to better personal and family health through better eating.